Sustainability, Energy Demands and Climate

Reducing our carbon footprint helps us do our part to address climate change. We strive to lower our energy use in many ways such as: improving fuel efficiency in our vehicles, switching to LED lighting that use less electricity, and harnessing renewable energy such as solar photovoltaics.

AXES CTO encourages sustainable practices and works with customers to optimize by adopting and implementing efficient, affordable and sustainable sourcing of energy, its dispatch and use.

How do we power an ever demanding changing world?

The eminent population growth has stricken our present day and is reshaping our future with challenging demands. How we generate, distribute and consume energy is becoming a more complex task to manage.

Cost effective and sustainable practices are essential elements to consider when initiating an energy program. Careful planning must be considered and phased milestones identified in order to avoid system under sizing or be challenged in situations where demand can outpace supply. The industry is clearly expanding the use of renewable energy sources and overcoming intermittent energy supply with effective energy storage systems.

Energy Management

BEEMS - Building Energy Efficiency Management System

AXES CTO´s exclusive Building Energy Efficiency Management System (BEEMS) is an innovative, scalable and future-proof solution which has been specifically designed to monitor, control, enhance system performance, drive down operational energy costs and provide decision-making reporting for a wide range of building services.

AXES CTO BEEMS solution has a simplistic and intuitive interface that allows you to manage HVAC systems, intelligent lighting and other building services in a multi-tenant/ multi-site environment as an integrated system platform. It offers a wide range of monitoring, reporting and diagnostic tools which enable total system efficiency to be evaluated, putting the user in complete control.

What is a BEEMS?

Building Energy Efficiency Management Systems (BEEMS) are computer-based systems connected over a network that help to control, monitor, measure and optimize all building performance services and the energy consumption of devices used by the building. 

BEEMS connect a building’s systems such as lighting, HVAC, Data Center, plant room equipment to create a single, central platform to measure, manage and control a building’s energy consumption. It can also be used to control these functions across multiple sites and locations.  The BEEMS solution platform provides metering, sub-metering, and monitoring functions which collect and report energy data, enabling building and facility managers to gain detailed performance visibility into their building’s energy usage.

Intelligent LED Lighting

Intelligent LED Lighting

Lighting is an important and ever changing part of the electrical industry. As lighting demands increase, the more we are challenged in understanding how building´s use lighting from an operational perspective and task-oriented functions of their occupants. As we engage with our customers, we are able to identify these requirements and can offer cost-effective, energy efficient intelligent lighting solutions which provide total monitoring and control over our client´s lighting and energy demands.

We provide our clients with lighting system design services, sizing, project lighting solutions and maintenance services. The key to our success is proactive customer service.  

From Free energy audits, tailored design packages, and complete installation management, to a dedicated rebate processing department – our lighting retrofit team takes care of every step to save our customers energy and to capture the highest rebate and incentives possible.

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