Solar Energy

We offer a full line of solar products and balance of systems. We provide our clients with Solar Photovoltaic system design sizing, system installation and maintenance services.

We have a dedicated in-house solar department that looks forward to discussing your solar needs.The cost of a solar system is not as expensive as widely believed. With various government financial support programs in place, users can expect a shorter return on your investment into your solar project.

Moreover, the solar panels installed on a roof can isolate heat from the sun, greatly reducing interior temperature, thus achieving energy savings by reducing the load on the HVAC system.

Smart Window Film

Traditionally, interior room temperature has been exclusively regulated via the building´s HVAC system.

Today, reflective window film with heat blocking properties can be applied to existing building windows by generating indirect HVAC thermostat settings and overall system operation.Clients are eligible for rebates with local utility companies with window film applications.

Smart Window Film Characteristics:
• Maintains clear view with low reflection and high luminousness
• Does not fade interior surfaces and indoor furniture by blocking 99% UV and 95% IR with sunlight
• Suitable for any climate with its scratch-resistant, solvent-resistant properties
• High tensile strength BOPET film and PSA properties
• Does not interfere with telecommunications transmissions signals. It does not contain metal elements in its composition

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